An art fee will be charged if we do the art and you do not order from us
If you are concerned about how your artwork will look printed on a T-shirt, then please feel free to talk to us about it. 

 We would not take an order if we did not feel 100% sure about taking the design and printing it to your satisfaction. You must remember that we see designs and print them all day every day. We would not take the job if we didn't feel like it was something we could do.

 Taking an uploaded design and preparing it for both the proof and for print can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. This ties up resources that can be very expensive. 

 It is common in our industry for screen printers to charge per hour for graphic design. That even includes converting an uploaded design to a screen printable format.

Making changes to a design after approval is discouraged

We do re use screens

All designs are kept for re orders

Colors may vary due to your computer monitor

You can put any design on a tee – simple, clear graphics work best

If you have an idea for a design/logo but don’t have one. Fred will 
be glad to set up an appointment with you to bring your vision to 

Your designs/Logo will be handled with care personally by Fred (Owner, Art Department)

Upon approval, your order will be printed

Due to monitor settings colors represented for approval may not be a precise match

Can samples be made?

Printing samples is something that is rarely done by printers before an order is placed. The reason for this is the large amount of costs involved in setting a screen printing job up. This large cost can make a single sample t-shirt cost as much or more than six printed t-shirts depending on the amount of colors printed in the design.

The artwork proof is as close as most screen printers are able to come to a printed sample. We realize that it is no substitution for an actual printed shirt, and it is not meant to be, but unfortunately since a printed sample is not possible that is the closest that we can come.

Advertise on a budget

Creating your logo is very important and a long term investment. Advertising with screen printed apparel is a great way to create a walking billboard to promote and attract more attention to your business in a unique and inexpensive way.

Have a monthly drawing to give away a short sleeve T in the Spring/Summer or a sweat shirt or hoodie in the Fall/Winter with your logo.

As a thank you gift for VIP clients. Give them a short sleeve T in the Spring/Summer or a sweat shirt or hoodie iplace a screen printed item with your logo in each purchase of a certain amount(you decide the amount).

How to wash your custom screen printed apparel

Always use cold water

Don't use bleach or strong detergent products or fabric softener.

Do not use high heat settings when drying

Wash similar clothing together (similar textures) to limit the amount of rubbing

Do not iron directly on image, it could melt 

Most importantly: Always turn clothes inside out before you wash and dry. This reduces rubbing.

Reorders and Pricing

Reorder pricing is completely based on the quantity being ordered.

The truth is you get the best price the first time you order and can get that same price the second time if you order the same quantity. The good news is if your quantity increases on the second order your price will go down. The downside to that is if your quantity decreases the second time around your price can go up.

If you have an event in the fall and then another one in the spring, you may have been planning to order the same design twice, once in anticipation for each event. That is certainly logical; however, you will absolutely save more money if you order enough shirts for both events the first time and then just store them until it is time for the second event. Of course we realize that this is not something that is feasible for everyone, but it is definitely worth doing if it is possible.

If there is a need to return an item or items, we need to be contacted to give the proper instructions for doing so. This must be done within five days . After five days, the order is considered accepted and will lose the right for return. 

If the apparel is materially different or the design is different than the originally approved design, then we will replace it at no cost to you. Our system has been refined to check the orders throughout all stages of production and have been signed for and documented before shipment. Any claims must be made within five days of receipt of goods by phone or e-mail to receive instructions for proper return

We do not manufacture the shirts and are not responsible or liable for color shade variances. We are not able to accept returns by a shade difference in the dye lots. We also have no control over the color settings on your computer monitor and cannot accept returns based on perceived color shading differences. We do accept returns and replace the products if we send the wrong color altogether.

Your acceptance of the design before purchase is a binding agreement that you approve the print. We do not alter the design before printing unless specifically requested to do so by you or someone you have authorized to make changes.

We do not provide spell checking on any purchased or printed designs and will not accept returns based on misspelled words.

Returns must be filed within 5 days of receiving your order

Defective material must be returned in order to receive your claim

Depends on how many locations you want to print on. Printing on the front and back can be twice as much work as just printing on one side only. This adds to the time and labor and can drive up the cost. 

Prints that are done on the sleeves or on the sides of the shirts. These can be great looking designs that really give your design a cool, unique feel, but remember, they do impact the price.


NUMBERS – add $1.50

SLEEVES – add $2 per sleeve

XXL add $2 XXXL add $3 XXXXL add $4 XXXXXL add $5

Determining your price depends on the number of ink colors printed per location

Each color printed per location will be a new screen.

Each new screen costs more money and each new color printed is more labor and time.

Printing the same color on front and back will still count as two different colors because it is two different locations. 

Quantity itself plays a large role in the price per shirt. The more shirts ordered the lower the cost per shirt. For this reason the pricing can vary tremendously and it is often helpful to submit your artwork or call for a price quote so that you can budget appropriately.

Take into consideration that some brands and styles cost more

Pricing gets better at every price break

The best priced screen print is always one color in one location

More colors and more locations mean higher prices

To use our time well it is best to print more at a time.

Therefore quantity affects cost

Set up is a process that takes up to an hour to begin printing, as well as breaking everything down and to clean up

Turn around time

Many people don't know what to expect when it comes to the turnaround time for their order. 

Often people will wrongly assume that if they place their order that morning that they can reasonably expect it by tomorrow or the next day. This just isn't realistic.

Quite a few others orders are already in line ahead of the newest order to come in, but even if it were the only order we were working, same day turnaround just isn’t realistic for several reasons.

One aspect of every order is simply doing the artwork for that order. Before any actual printing takes place there are several things which must be done to the artwork to get it into a format that is ready for printing. This takes time, especially for complicated or highly detailed artwork. Even with intensive labor on the part of our art department it often simply isn’t possible to complete it the same day.

Main limiting factor is getting the blank shirts themselves. keeping blank shirts in stock is not something that we do. There's no way to anticipate what someone will need before they order it and even if it were possible keeping a huge inventory wouldn't be at all cost effective.  

Once an order comes in we have to order the blank shirts from our vendors. The best possible scenario is that they will be delivered the next day. It can easily take longer depending on other factors such as ordering cut off times and warehouse stock and where they would be shipped from.

Turnaround time is two weeks (sometimes sooner)

Rush orders are available for a fee

Complex jobs may require additional time

Turnaround time is an estimate not a guarantee

We do try to get the order out faster if possible. 

Deposits and Payments

We do accept checks, credit cards and cash. 
We do not keep cash on hand. Please bring exact amount if paying cash. 

$20 Return check fee 

We do require a 50% down deposit before we will begin any order.

The remaining balance must be paid on pick up.

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